Web development tools keep on changing with time and with the rise of cutting edge technology. Even as a layman, you may have observed that the overall outlook and interface of modern day websites are a lot different than those produced in the early 2000s. Due credit has to be given to the modern day web development tools in this regard, as well as the professional development teams behind them. 2017 has been no exception and in this article we will share with you some of the web development applications which literally rocked this year.


JQuery is basically a JavaScript Library which is fast, small and feature-rich in nature. The application contributes to the simplicity of things like HTML manipulation, Ajax, animation and event handling.  The tool is home to an API which is easy to use, and which can operate across several browsers.  The two serious benefits offered by this tool are its extensibility and versatility.


Backbone JSThe tool helps in the structuring of different web applications through the provision of models that are home to custom and key value binding events and enumerable functions.  Backbone.js falls under the category of JavaScript Framework which contains a RESTful JSON interface. The tool is based upon Model View Presenter application.


Lodash ImageLodash is more of a JavaScript Library which is known for its provision of utility functions for common tasks utilizing the paradigm which involves functional programming.  The application makes JavaScript easy and simple by getting rid of hassles like working with objects, arrays, numbers and strings.


Bootstrap is a front-end framework which is free and which is utilized for the designing of webpages and web applications of different types. The tool is equipped with CSS and HTML-based design templates for buttons, typography, navigation and JavaScript extensions. The tool is only linked with front end development.


AngularJSAngularJS is an open source web application (front-end) which is based upon JavaScript. The tool is primarily maintained by the popular search engine Google.  AngularJS is utilized on websites of popular entities like Sprint, ABC News and NBC, and the tool has been named in the top 100 as far as GitHub-starred projects are concerned.


The Grunt is utilized for the automation of common and frequently utilized tasks such as unit testing and compilation, etc. The Grunt is a JavaScript Task runner which utilizes an interface (command-line) for the running of custom tasks. There are several popular companies in the world today that use Grunt. The names of some of these companies are Twitter, Bootstrap, Opera and Walmart.


The majority of these mentioned web development tools are easily available in the market and accessing them is not that difficult with easy access to online buying forums. If you are enthusiastic about web development applications, try out this one by Open source.