Every year the domain of web development undergoes a sea-change. As the old reliable tools and IDEs get updated with latest functionalities, innovative new tools also get released. As a web developer, it is very important to keep up with the latest trends and have knowledge of the best web-development tools available in order to leverage the latest functionalities. In this article we shall take a look at the some of the must have web development tools of 2019.

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Chrome Developer Tools

Starting off the list is Chrome Developer Tools. This toolset can help in rapid web authoring and debugging using the Google Chrome Browser. With built-in Chrome Functionality, this toolset helps to speed up the development process by enabling developers to perform a variety of testing and editing tasks on-the-go. Using these allows developers to manipulate web elements and CSS styles easily.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code has become one of the most popular code editors of today. A free offering from Microsoft, this IDE allows a plethora of features that make coding a seamless activity. Bringing in the capabilities of the massive Visual Studio such as IntelliSense and Mojave Dark Mode, this tool can make a developer’s task much more sublime.


ReactJS is a JavaScript library which is used for building dynamic UIs that allow for smoother interactivity. ReactJS utilizes component-based architecture; this enables modifying web pages on an element-by-element basis. Such a feature is extremely important for complex web apps so that they can be improved in a modular manner. Of further use is the fact that ReactJS components are reusable, which reduces coding effort and complexity. Top companies such as AirBnB and BBC are using ReactJS.


One of the most popular open-source scripting languages, TypeScript is primarily used for front-end development. Built on top of the JavaScript system, TypeScript allows for rapid development of complex applications. TypeScript is compatible with JavaScript libraries, and has the portability property.


This tool can be used to test the degree of responsiveness of any website. As of 2019, responsiveness is one of the prime drivers of a website’s performance and search engine rank. Sizzy helps in this respect by allowing developers to understand how their site will appear on different screens. A further bonus: it’s open-source!


CodePen is an IDE which runs in your browser. Using this tool, developers can edit their code, debug it, and also seek help from others in the coding community. CodePen allows the flexibility of working with multiple files, which of course means you can use it to create complex web applications.


Another open-source tool, Docker is a container platform that allows developers to create and release applications by including the software and all related dependencies into a single container. This ensures that the application will run in its entire target environment, irrespective of individual settings.


Still the best web-hosting for version control, GitHub cannot be ignored on any list of web development tools. GitHub incorporates all the features of Git, together its own GUI and collaborative features.


Trello is a project-manager tool that allows keeping track of multiple projects. Using Trello, developers can monitor the progress of their projects in a visual medium which aids the development process.


The above lists some of the best web development tools you must look into as a developer in 2019. Using the above tools appropriately will help in reducing development time, efficient debugging and timely release of web applications. And if you need more, check out our collection of web development tools.