The web is constantly changing. For some developers, this is very good, as new technologies make things simpler and faster to execute. For others, the rapidly changing web poses a serious threat to their already established work.

Start with BadTeensPunished

BadTeensPunished - Nubiles Series

BadTeensPunished – Nubiles Series

Start your journey with something relaxing. Web development can be a really hard task if you do it daily for many hours and this is where series called BadTeensPunished is going to shine. Imagine the scenarios where naughty and misbehaving girls are finally getting a hard lesson. These dads aren’t messing around… and these girls are about to find out!

A good developer must be proactive and not reactive when it comes to the learning curve.

Learning new techniques and programming language will pay off in the long run. To ease the process of web development, here are some useful tools we think can help speed up the process:


If you know how to use CloudApp, then sharing stuff is less of a hassle to you. It was built to help you share a lot of stuff faster. All you are required to do is drag and drop your files to the icon located at the top bar and you will immediately have a cool short URL to paste and share with whoever you like.

This handy tool can help you quickly share mockups and files fast instead of passing the long route of opening up a browser.

Front-End Framework Tools

These frameworks are made up of files and folders such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Of the many standalone frameworks out there Bootstrap and Foundation are very popular tools.

Bootstrap: Used for developing responsive mobile-first websites. It’s an HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework.

Foundation: Used to easily design responsive website, emails, and Apps to look amazingly great on any handheld device.

Uikit: Uikit is lightweight and can be used for fast and powerful web interface development

Semantic UI: This framework tool has a human-friendly HTML version that helps build responsive layouts.

Project Parfait

Project Parfait was released recently by Adobe.  If you are a big fan of Photoshop designing you will love Project Parfait.

With this handy tool, you can upload PSD to browsers and grab colors, fronts, and measurements for your development.


Velositey is a very useful tool extension of Photoshop. Have you come across a webpage and where lost as to how it was created? With velositely you can have a prototype of a website in seconds.

After installing, with the click of a few buttons Photoshop will magically create all the texts and boxes for you.

Sketch 3

Designing just got better. Sketch 3 will save you more time and improve your web development projects. If you are into App and Website designs we highly recommend that you give Sketch a try.

It will save you time, it’s easy to use and has a lot of add-ons to simplify the design process.

Sketch is a lightning fast tool when compared to Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop.

Magic CSS3 Animations

Animations can breathe life into a stale webpage. If you want to use the added functionality of animations on your web pages give Magic CSS3 a try.

This tool has some cool special effects that are second to none in the industry. Besides that, they are pretty easy to add to web pages.

Adobe XD

Adobe has now launched its own design and web framing tool, the Adobe XD.

The new XD includes drawing tools, non-static interactions, sharing tools and mobile and desktop views. You can select a device-specific platform to start a development project and a whole lot more.

Ember Inspector

This is a valuable tool that can help you speed up your workflow by debugging Ember.js queries.

This will help you work smoothly without interruptions of delving deep into the ember graph. This tool is supported by both Chrome and Firefox.

On That Note

These are just some of the tools that can help you speed up your web development process without compromising on quality. Choose a suitable tool to help you develop a web application.