Navsurf is a big name in the market when it comes to web development tools. The company is home to some of the best technicians who are committed towards the provision of sophisticated web development tools, which not only enhance the overall operation of your webpage, but also its general outlook.

The company has developed various tools over the years. In this short discourse we will share some of the applications or tools developed by the company.

The Java Products

Under the umbrella of Java products, Navsurf develops the following tools:


It is more of an applet which involves versatile navigation. The tool can be configured as a vertical as well as a horizontal menu. HTML content, flash animation form and frames can be displayed by the Popup menus. NavWinButton is also home to a menu builder tool which is browser-based in nature. The builder tool helps in the easy and quick creation of the menus.

Color Picker Image


An intuitive graphical interface is provided by this tool, where. Thecolor picker assists in the displaying of the hexadecimal code of the color chosen by the utilizer. The RGB value is passed on to the JavaScript variable. The variable is handy as far as dramatic modification of the webpage is concerned.

NavMenu Pro NE

NavMenu Pro NE is basically a vertical navigation menu that is recognized for its support of sub-menus (Multiple Level). An allotted area of a user’s webpage is occupied by this tool. The appearance of the scroll bar means that the menu items have exceeded the display area. The tool allows the user to configure the menu item’s background image, color and spacing that exists between the menu items.


Now lets the see what offerings the company has under the umbrella of DHTML:

ACE Menu


ACE Menu is a perfect DHTML menu builder when it comes to versatility. The tool allows the user to develop vertical side menus, image menus, horizontal menu bars and floating menus. All this is done via menu creator software. The ACE Menu is compatible with a variety of browsers, including Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape.


This is more of a DHTML scroller which can be programmed to scroll both horizontally as well as vertically. Through this tool, a user can operate multiple scrollers with ease and on the same page. Things like image addition, tax alignment and formatting can be done quickly as the tool supports the full HTML syntax.


ACE calendar is recognized both as a date picker as well as JavaScript Calendar in the market. The tool can be easily integrated into the form and it assists website visitors to fill up different fields in the form with ease and accuracy.

The ASP Products

The following ASP products are offered by Navsurf:

Flash Quiz

Flash Quiz helps in the development of surveys. The tool can be called a versatile questionnaire, survey or a quiz management system, lending your site something more interesting and potentially informative. The survey or the quiz can be integrated into the webpage without much of an effort.

Quick Poll

Quick Poll

As the name suggests, through this tool the user can integrate polls in their particular websites. It is a nice application which is both affordable and versatile at the same time. The configuration of settings, maintenance of multiple polls and viewing of results is assisted by the administration area which is password protected.


The name of Navsurf will always surface whenever web development tools are under discussion. The company has been producing quality applications for a substantial period of time now. If you would like to know more about Navsurf, we are pleased to provide extra information here.