Web development is in its most basic form is understood to be a skill to design and create a website on the internet. However, in a broader definition, web development encompasses web designing, programming, publishing, database management etc. They have knowledge in the field of object oriented programing, multiplatform development and building of web applications.

We are currently living in an era of digital empowerment and web development is one skill that can help you stand out and express yourself creatively on the internet. And with much emphasis on freedom of work amongst today’s youth, web development might just be the right avenue for you to venture into.

Advantages Of Being A Web Developer

  • Work from anywhere. You just need Wi-Fi and a laptop.
  • Flexibility of work timings.
  • No schedules since you would be working at your own pace.
  • Web developers are in high demand and it’s a high paying job
  • It brings out your creativity intermingled with conceptualization of ideas.
  • No formal education required. Online education is sufficient.
  • Constant opportunities to learn more since each day newer technologies are emerging.

So if coding, programming, designing, aesthetics, creativity, independence and money appeals to you, then you should start with it right away. Let’s take a look at how you can become a web developer if you’re a newbie to the field:

Pick Up A Specialization:

Web development and designing deals with a lot of specifics; the front-end development, the back-end development and full stack development are the three core areas of learning, and to expertise in all fields at one go is a tough job. So start with one aspect, for example, front end development, mobile app development, UI etc. and start with the basics.

Learn And Develop Skills:

With no fixed path to learn and become a developer, it’s an open field that you can explore yourself. Of course, there are a lot of online programs to enrol into but learning to code and implement programming takes a lot of practical knowledge as well. Prospective web developers should be accustomed to the three basic core programming components – Java Script, HTML and CSS. Once clear with the basics then you can always register for career-specific goals via educational websites like Udemy and Coursera.

Build Your Profile

Employers seek dynamic and responsive websites to judge your skills. So with your coding and technical capabilities try to build an online portfolio for you to present your results. Some other skills that can generate better traffic and demand on your websites include – SEO, UI, UX, SQL, PHP etc. A digital marketing course can also add a new vertical to your profile. Also, keep networking.

Keep Learning

keep learningAfter the initial start focusing on career-specific goals and keep learning. The associate degrees offer you skills on website graphics, multimedia, eCommerce and database management. A bachelor’s degree after that can help you with website optimization, usability and social media collaboration. Lastly, a master’s web development course can lead you to a specialized knowledge over several domains; the most common courses include web development for servers, digital communication, content management systems and capstone project.

Examples: Sis Loves Me

SisLovesMe - 2016 Series

SisLovesMe – 2016 project dedicated to step sisters porn.

A lot of quality projects are build totally out of passion. This is the perfect place to showcase Sis Loves Me – an adult related brand that debuted back in 2016. It features everything you would want to see in the genre of step sisters. Awkward situations under roof of twisted families lead to some unexpected sex. It started small and now in 2019 it’s the golden standard. With over 200 episodes you can expect a lot of action. The best thing about it? It’s all free at mysislovesme.com, so go there and enjoy!

Being a web developer is a rewarding job; it not only helps you be in the middle of all the technological advancements but also pays handsomely. Being a tech expert, people and friends respect your abilities and your mental stimuli keeps running as you get chances at a creative level as well. A high in demand career option with a never ending learning curve, a web developer can be his/her own boss for a lifetime.